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    Shock and Spring Advice

    My E-Revo 2.0 seems to be sitting a little low and seems to bottom out more easily than usual and not spring back to normal ride hieght quite as fast.

    I don't see any damage to the suspension or links.

    I'm thinking maybe the stock springs have lost some of their rebound or maybe I need to adjust?

    Or maybe I need to change out the shock oil and try something thicker?

    How often do you recommend changing out the oil in the shocks?

    If I decide to go with stiffer springs, are there any recommendations?

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    First try adjusting the preload rings on the shocks.

    You won't really eliminate bottoming out and chassis slap once jumping higher that 5ft. Even with stiff springs. Just kinda how the car is..

    Second kinda depends on what terrain your running on and what your doing.

    If big air. Stiffer springs. With high preload. I don't remember the colors off the top of my head. But hardest for rear and 1 step down for front. With 60 or 70wt oil.

    It this will make it handle a bit funky if at a rc track. And a bit bouncy if on a feild.

    So it's just a bit of playing around with things till you get it to handle how you like for your terrain.

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    What one guy likes, another may not. I run RC Raven springs, P2 rockers/rods (stock on 2.0), VDK #2 pistons with the valve on compression side, 70wt rear and 80wt front. Just updated my big block revo to be the same.

    Works well for what I do, but it does bottom out pretty good. I air it out quite a bit as I run it at my local skate park and a grass bmx track.

    I used to run stiff purple/blue springs, but those just tended to cause it to be bouncy and if I used oil thick enough to combat the bounce, the VDK pistons would snap in half and my pushrod ends/shock ends would die after a few bash sessions.

    Check out my most recent videos using the link in my footer. The BB revo is setup similar to the above, but I think I did have to mess with the ERBEv2 a bit because I damaged a #2 piston, so I went with the next size up and increased the oil 10wt to compensate. I put the setup info in the description for my own reference and for anyone else that wants to try it.
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    Mine also seemed to be very soft/droopy with a lot of preload. I didn’t want to make the thing handle like a hay wagon so I bought a pair of black springs and installed them in the rear, and moved the stock rear springs to the front. So instead of a 3.8/4.1 spring rate setup, it is now 4.1/4.4. I also changed the shock oil all around to 42.5 weight (stock is 40). To me this is perfect and it seems to be much more responsive. You will never eliminate chassis slap and if you do the thing won’t handle for crap and will be constantly breaking stuff. So don’t get too caught up on that.

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