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Thread: E revo vs maxx

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    E revo vs maxx

    Hi guys, new here. Love the community support and culture here. Why did you go with a Maxx vs E REVO? for anyone who was in that boat?

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    I bought both.

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    My type of driving maxx holds up better. Plus only needing one battery is nice.

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    Durability. E Revo couldn’t handle a crash like this.
    Nothing broken. All I had to do was snap the battery holder back in.

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    E-Revo handles better and has a smoother ride. (It's wide and longer) It can be run off of 4S or 6S. Lay-down shock arrangement is more complex, but easy to tune and rugged. It makes for a lower aerodynamic profile.

    The Maxx design is tougher, from a crashing standpoint, but it tips over more easily; it's a monster truck Target than a truggy, like the E-Revo.

    The E-Revo has a better motor and speed control, but junkier servos. They will eventually burn out, as they eventually end up fighting reach other.
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