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    Sonís Slash 4x4 1/16

    Hello everyone. New here but have few RCís. I just got my son a Slash 4x4 1/16 truck. Step up from his LaTraxx Teton but would like to know what can I do to get more speed? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...thanks.

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    If you can use lipo batteries that woupd give you more top speed for sure. Or up the gearing some too.

    Im not familiar with the 1/16th models.

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    Traxxas used to sell the 1/16 Slash in brushed and brushless but now it is brushed. Go with the VXL-3m system and lipo batteries.
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    I'll second Double G's recommendation, you can't go wrong going that route. The speed difference should be quite substantial, so maybe even consider training mode to allow your son time to adjust. A dramatic speed increase paired with a less experienced driver sounds like a recipe for broken parts!

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    Shortly after purchasing my mini slash I bought into the Traxxas Powerup Program in which you trade-in the stock brushed Titan motor and the XL2.5 ESC for the Velineon 380 motor and VXL-3m ESC for ~$150.

    that with the addition of 2S Lipo batteries helped with torque and speed tremendously, though all in all, it was more than a $200 upgrade.

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