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Thread: Radio range

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    Question Radio range

    Anybody come up with a way to extend the range of the radio??

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    What kind of range are you getting now.
    Below is assuming you have a normally operating transmitter.

    Based on how my transmitter is built, I would open the case and find my antenna.
    Once you find you antenna you could look at how to connect a range extender.

    Sorry I cant be more specific, I have had no reason to need more range.
    Here is a range extender...

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    Excuse me, please, for what purpose do you need a range extension? I've never had this need...

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    Thanks for the link, gunnuts! I'll check it out as well.

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    I fly fpv out 3,000 feet so far. I use Mission Planner and Google Earth to measure distance. I keep pushing the distance each time I fly over empty farming fields. I modified the antenna on my transmitter as well as changed its power to LiPo. I also use the 3.3 GHz video band. Is this distance within your requirements?

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