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    Think I got the right set up for me..

    Think I finally found a good setup for the way I play...just driving thru front yards, across driveways and up and down street with speed runs. Jumps are no more than 'bumps' or slight dips between yards. Went with WideMaxx Spring setup but stock arm ength, 30wt oil all around, and Proline Road Rage tires/wheels. Tires and wheels provide enough stance to almost eliminate rollovers, but can still get up on 2 wheels once in a while when turning aggressively and you hit a bump. Keeps it fun. Stock arm length with widemaxx spring set up reduce chassis slap maybe by 75-80%, and 30 wt oil keeps the shocks lively. Would like to move the stiffer widemaxx rear springs to the front and find a set of 2.0 shocks for the rear (widemaxx rear springs are 1.725) but a slightly stiffer suspension and higher ride height, but it works for now. The tires do great on concrete and are just fine going thru grass and hard dirt, etc. Wish I could find a set of pure off road tires as big and wide as the Road Rage Tires but have not been able to find any. Badlands are slightly smaller and about same width as stock so rollover would be an issue.

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    I was unable to find a set of 2.0 springs for the GT maxx shocks, so does anyone know of a source?

    GPM sells a set of "gold in color spring steel springs" but who knows what the spring rate is,

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