I recently purchased a brushed 1/16 revo and was thinking of putting in a brushless system. I have a mamba micro x rock crawler edition esc coming in the mail that I will pair with a 1406-2850kv 1/10 motor I have laying around.


I was thinking that since the brushed edition has the larger motor mount that it should drop in and with the light weight of the truck, it should not stress the esc to badly. I did some quick math and the 4000kv velineon 380 on 2s is running at 29600rpm nominal and the 2850Kv castle motor running on 3s is 31600rpm. So the speed on 3s should be comparable to the vxl brushless on 2s and should give me a ton more available torque so I can upsize the pinion for more speed. If anyone is interested, Iíll post my results in a few days when the esc arrives. Any thoughts on this plan?