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    Battery Position comments ?

    Do you place your battery on the forward or rear position?
    Why and what pros and cons do you experience?

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    By the forward or rear position, I think you mean where to position the foam block for a lipo battery?

    I have my foam block towards the rear, and battery towards the front to get more front biased weight, since there is more steering response (makes it behave more like a FWD, so it is more nimble in tight corners).

    I think having the battery towards the rear makes it have better grip when accelerating (but I don't think it will improve traction by much, since it is 4wd). It does make it easier to power slide, so it is probably better to have this for a drift car set up.
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    My 3s 5500mah rams rights in there with no slop, never noticed a balance issue even with smaller packs, the Tec is one stable puppy.

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