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    Best Short Course Traxxas - Electric

    I am looking for the best electric short course traxxas has to offer!

    Would love to hear some recommendations and why you think it is the best?


    ps. Meant for this to go into the Traxxis Electric thread so there's a hint... I'm already looking at the Slash 4X4 lolz...

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    As far as I'm aware, the 2WD Slash, and Slash 4x4, are the only electric SCTs Traxxas makes. All you need to decide is whether you want 2WD, or 4WD.

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    Well that narrows it down then lol.

    What prefs between the 2 and 4 do you have Panther6834?

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    There is the Unlimited Desert Racer. It's a larger vehicle than the Slash 4x4, and probably qualifies as the "best" short-course truck that Traxxas makes. With that said, I don't necessarily believe that larger vehicles are automatically better. It really comes down to what you want. You can't go wrong with the Slash 4x4. I wouldn't even consider the 2wd Slash IMO unless it's all you can afford. 4x4 is way more fun and easier to drive.

    Unlimited Desert Racer:

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    The Traxxas Slash 4x4 Ultimate edition is the top short course truck offered by Traxxas.

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    There are around three options, which have already been brought up:
    - Slash 2wd
    - Slash 4x4
    - Unlimited Desert Racer

    There isn't exactly a "best", since what you think best is based on personal opinion. The Slash 2wd is RWD, and is the cheapest of the bunch.nThe Slash 4x4 and Unlimited Desert Racer are both 4wd, but are completely different from each other. Both Slashes have independent double wishbone suspension all around, while the UDR has a solid rear axle, and IFS.

    Go with the 2wd if you like to drift around. Go with the 4wd slash if you want a well rounded RC car (does well on nearly any terrain, and can be fine tuned to be an on road, off road, or monster truck). Get the UDR if you want a nice scale look or great suspension action.

    I have the Slash 2wd and the UDR. Both are amazing in their own aspects but the Slash 4x4 is probably the most practical and most versatile platform.
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    The traxxas Unlimited Desert Racer: Enormous suspension, Enormous speed, Enormous size, Enormous price.

    Traxxas Slash 4x4 (Ultimate): 200$ cheaper, Enormous versatility, ludicrous speed, Plushy suspension, fun.

    Traxxas Slash (2wd): Alittle less versatility, Less adjustable, Less parts to replace (Good for your wallet), The brushed version is massively cheaper than the rest, But alot slower. Still fun speed, and is pretty bare bones (Don't eat me 2wd owners)

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