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    Traxxas stampede suspension

    So I have a traxxas stampede 2wd that Im trying to lower it to make it better for the street. I did the nitro fuel tube method to make the shocks shorter, but now that they are shorter the suspension is too stiff and the truck bounces. Im not sure what to do now.

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    You could get softer springs.

    Also, on-road cars have pretty stiff suspension to help them corner better.
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    Haha all is not lost! The preloaded springs will still work. You've basically made the springs stiffer. When going to stiffer or preloaded springs, you must also change to a thicker weight oil to control the speed of rebound of the shock. That fast rebound with the thin 30wt oil is causing your bouncing. Change shock oil to 50 or 60 weight and it will settle down. If using stock shocks, heavy oils sometimes will increase the pressure and make the plastic shock caps pop off. The TRX alum caps will fix that if it starts happening.

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