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    Motor Cooling Methods

    Hello everybody,

    I've been looking into different and more efficient ways of cooling motors recently, and I found out about the Peltier thermoelectric cooling plates. I think it would be pretty interesting to see one of these be used on an rc, but I'm not very sure it's possible. One side of the plates gets really really cold, which would be the side that sits on the motor. The other side gets very, very hot, and would require something like a computer heat sink to regulate all of the heat. I was thinking about mounting one of these in my 1/16th rally and testing it with an old Titan motor I have sitting around. I think it would be interesting to see how well this might work.

    Has anyone tried something similar?

    Are there any other methods that might work better?

    Finally, this thread was made just because I'm curious. I doubt to see any real life application, but I just thought it's an interesting idea.

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    I was also very excited about the possible applications of Peltier style coolers when I first learned of them. The sad thing is they are not actually all that useful yet. Since they are really slow at moving heat compared to how fast things that need cooling generate heat. Doing the math before the project makes this glaringly obvious.

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