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    Here’s someone who doesn’t like the UDR

    This comes from someone selling their UDR on EBay. No need to reveal who they are
    This is simply a scathing review of the UDR from a very unhappy veteran hobbyist

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    It's not for every body. As soon as I read the headline I already knew what he was going to say lol.
    I've had the Xmaxx and the UDR is my favorite, then my TRX6. But then again I love scale driving, not bashing.

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    That's the most awesome eBay sales pitch I've ever seen! Ha ha ha. Is he trying to pay someone to take it? I drove a buddy's UDR a couple weeks ago. I thought it handled great, drifted through my gravel driveway throwing roost everywhere, and on issues on the street. He does have the rear diff installed, assuming that makes a big difference.

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