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    VXL 3s motor heatsink and fan?

    Anyone running a motor heatsink/fan combo in conjunction with an esc fan? If so, what are you using? How are you powering all them?

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    You can generally either power a fan from one of the spare ports on the receiver, or you can power it directly from the battery.

    If you are hooking the fans up through the spare ports on your receiver, then you are using the power it is being fed from the BEC inside the ESC (The BEC takes battery power and converts it to a fixed voltage, usually 6v, to power the electronics in your car). In that case you would be either limited by the number of free ports on your receiver, or limited by the output of your BEC. If your BEC becomes overtaxed, you'll usually notice it first when the steering servo starts glitching.

    Otherwise, you could potentially power your fan directly from the battery. You just need to make sure the fan can support the voltage of whatever battery you are running.

    As an example, I decided to mod a large fan onto my Mamba Monster X so that it could handle bashing with 4s on hills through grass on a hot day. It gets it's power directly from the battery. It's actually a 12v computer fan, but so far it works fine with my 3s and 4s packs.

    And you can see in the pic that I also have a smaller fan on the motor that gets it's power from the receiver (fed by the BEC in the ESC). The blue Integy heatsink in the very rear right against the motor plate is a very nice passive heatsink. It's thin but has very long fins. You can fit them onto just about any motor in addition to other heatsinks and fans.

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