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    New Revo 3.3 Nitro - Slipper clutch needed tightening just after break-in?

    Just shortly after break-in the truck immediately had gotten sluggish, almost to the point of barely moving. The engine would race but the truck was barely moving. After doing some more reading I made an attempt to tighten the slipper clutch and the truck immediately started moving faster. This website stated that I were to make small 1/8 turns and to not overtighten. I probably ended up turning in the clutch nut about 3/4 turn-in.

    Is this common for a new Nitro this soon after break-in?

    I don't feel as if the truck is launching out of the gate like it were before. It also seems to be burning quite a bit of fuel compared to during break-in (that might be a high-side mix issue due to high humidity here).

    I am a new Nitro hobbyist so any comments are appreciated!


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    Does it happen? Yes. Could it have been a little loose from the factory? Certainly. I don't know what Traxxas specifies in the build sheets provided to the Taiwan factory and if they are built by a machine or hand. I tighten my slipper so that with the input shaft locked the spur puts decent indents in my thumb before it starts to move.

    I've said it before in other posts, if you already have knowledge of hobby-grade electric rc's then what you know transfers over to nitro. The only difference are the parts "under the hood" and you have to learn how to make it go.
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