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    Any updates? One 6s or two 3s batteries?

    Iíve only seen old posts and was curious which route is better.

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    it's the same thing and it does not matter?

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    I've never run 6S, only 4S.

    I have used two 2S batteries and one 4S battery. I didn't notice any difference between the two.

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    Not much difference, as stated above, but if you are using a single 6s, you have to use a jumper wire on one of the extra connectors.
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    I have a feeling it mattered more back when all we had were tamiya or deans... but anyone that uses a tamiya connector on a lipo is probably asking for problems anyway.

    The theory is that the second connector and additional wire adds a tiny bit more resistance to the circuit.

    Personally, I prefer using 2x3S because if one of the packs dies, or one drops a cell, I can still use the other one in my 3S trucks. You never really want to use an old pack with a new pack as the IR of the old pack will be higher than the new pack. The old pack won't perform as well and is more likely to go below a safe point when you reach LVC than the new pack because of it.

    One thing that I do do however, I label all my packs and use them in the same pairs all the time. This makes it so your wearing the both packs in the pair the same. I also try to alternate which one plugs into the positive side of the esc. The theory behind that is the cells closer to one side of the esc drain more than the others. So by alternating, I'm spreading the wear more evenly through the pair. That's something you cannot do with a 6S pack. I'm not 100% sure if this is true or not... when I started running RC, I checked my packs when they came off the truck and one was always a little less than the other with variances throughout the cells individually as well. I can't remember if it stayed consistent with one side or the other though.

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