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    Angry Replaced steering servo, now the remote componets are backwards!! Helpp!!

    I recently replaced my steeting servo on my Traxxas slash. The servo is installed and my remote is a Dumborc ... when I turned everything on to test the controls, the remote blinks green and red. When I touch the steering, it acts like I am going FULL THROTTLE forward. When I touch the throttle , also acts like I am going full throttle. Reverse doesn't work either no matter what I touch. I'm not sure what to do.
    I keep reading a thread about having to reset the transmitter to the new servo. Please help. This is very irritating lol

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    You'll have to read the manual that came with the radio on how to reverse the operation of the servo. You'll also have to see which channels they use for throttle and steering and plug the esc and servo into the appropriate ports of the receiver.

    We can certainly help you with Slash questions, but for non-Traxxas parts you'll need to consult that manufacturer.
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    Usually Flysky,ReadyToSky, etc. IEumborc 2.4ghz sets use ch1 for steering and ch2 throttle

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    Thats probably what you need to do. But you didn't by chance put the servo in backwards did you? I think thatd make your steering opposite.

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