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    Randomly turning right at higher speeds

    Hi guys so I have had a problem recently. So I was driving my nitro rustler and all of a sudden at around 30mph or higher, most of the time it will turn right with out me telling it to do so. It turns really sharp that sometimes it flips. So I called up traxxas and they said to change controllers. I have a stampede so I used that one and it still turned right. Then I put my stampedes receiver and servo in the rustler and it still turns right. So now I'm really confused. I looked at the bell crank and bulkhead and they are in good condition(no cracks).

    If anyone has some ideas, please let me know


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    Is it turning (ie front wheels turn) or is the rear end kicking out at a different levels of throttle?

    When mine was completely stock, the rear end would kick out when letting off the throttle at higher speeds, doing exactly what you are talking about. It was absolutely maddening until I realized that it was my suspension setup. In my case, I didn't have it setup for high-traction surfaces such as pavement. Ultimately for me, it was fixed by removing all shock spacers to lower the pre-load and bumping up the shock oil from stock 30wt to 50wt in the rear.

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    If you lift all 4 wheels off the ground and lift up your suspension arm, does the wheel turn.

    If you lift all 4 tires off the ground and rev it up like you would to go 30+ MPH does it do anything funny.
    I find bench testing very helpful.

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