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    Bandit XL-1 esc repair

    Hi, not sure if this is the correct sub forum for this but I have an XL-1 esc for a bandit that I'm trying to repair. It appears to have a blown transistor and glass diode. The unit is unable to power my receiver and won't turn on but will spin the motor if two of the innermost transistor legs are shorted. I accidentally crossed something else on the pcb and blew the diode. It appears that I can buy the transistor which is marked "C2500" but I need to know which diode. Does anyone have a number for this? Maybe a schematic diagram for the esc even? It's a decent little unit in fair shape despite the specific issues it has and I need an esc with servo style mounts for a project. Any help here would be most appreciated, Thank You

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    I think the XL-1 ESC has already been discontinued, it is a pretty old ESC... And even if you are able to get parts for it, I don't think it would be cost efficient, since you can easily get a second-hand XL-5 and motor for cheap on eBay.
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    Yeah, I agree with RCWilly. The XL-1 is incredibly old and outdated, hardly worth repairing. Normally I'd be all for repairing something, but not in this case.
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