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    Link Module

    1st post, 1st rc since i was a kid, looks like a fun community, nice to meet you fellas

    I just purchased a rustler 4x4 vxl, haven't even received it yet.. but i decided to buy the traxxas link module because i thought it would be cool to check the speed and at the very least the temperature remotely, but do i have to buy extra sensors to be able to do that or does the car come equipped enough as long as you buy the module for the receiver? If anyone could help me out with what exactly I would need to buy that would be great. Thanks a ton, any other advice or purchases i should make is always appreciated and I look forward to sharing more in the future

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    The TQi Link is great! Once you add every additional accessory for real-time telemetry readouts. My LHS told me "you can still do speed" in reference to buying the module.
    Actually, for my 4x4 vxl rusty, the only thing you can do with the module alone, is change settings, like steering/throttle sensitivity, steering EPA, amount of braking force, how much TSM assistance u would like, as well as others, and also able to select which function you want your multi-function-knob to instead of it being for TSM assist, you can have it change your steering dual-rate, or your brake force, etc.

    U have to add any of the following sensors you want in order to view it's respective operating parameter.

    And in order to use the GPS (speed) module, u MUST add the Traxxas telemetry expander first!
    The GPS speed module i alone is $99.99. Lol! I found the Telemetry expander module, paired with the GPS for about 120 if i remember right ... I also bought the temp/voltage sensor.

    Then realized, you MUST buy the Temperature (motor) sensor, AS WELL AS the "mount" for it. same for RPM, you must add a sensor magnet & magnet holder to your spur gear i believe. ..?

    DO NOT BE FOOLED! you DO NOT need the telemetry expander mount for your Rusty VXL, theres holes for it in the chassis already! Dont waste the money! Also, (and good luck finding ANY sensors In stock, ANYWHERE online) but i think you should try and get the "auto-detectable" sensors for: voltage/temp, etc. I REALLY dont know what the difference is between auto-detect, and standard?? If anyone can explain (apart from the obvious). ??

    Anyways, be prepared to drop some serious DOUGH for all the crap u need to realllly utilize The Link to its fullest capabilites!!

    Otherwise, dont get me wrong, the App is FANTASTIC for "programming" settings on your ESC on-the-fly, as opposed to the set button method. That alone makes the Link module totally worth it IMHO.


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    Lol that's what I was afraid of once I started actually digging in and trying to research it, I already dropped 1k the other day for the truck with a few extras and goodies like the cooling fan and sledgehammer wheels and a few extra gears spurs and stuff like that bought the nice speed bit tool set could've prolly went to harbor freight but oh well gonna dive into it! Thanks for the info and tips I'll wait and enjoy getting into the hobby before I make the most use out of the link module I think... thanks again!

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