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    Traxxas 2075 Metal servo gear upgrade - Which is best?

    All of my vehicles at the moment use a 2075. I upgraded the 2075 in my Slash 4x4 Monster Truck to metal gears using the Savox SC0251MG metal gears that are known to be an exact fit. At the time, the 2072X metal gear upgrade was not yet available.

    I'm looking to upgrade some, or maybe all, of my other 2075 servos to metal gears also. The question is, do I get the Savox SC0251MG metal gears again, or do I get the Traxxas 2072X metal gears instead?

    Judging by the pictures, it's clear that the gears are not the same. Has anyone here actually tried both sets of gears? Any idea which is better, or what the differences are? One nice thing is that the 2072X kit comes with a tube of grease, but I already have a tube of white lithium grease so I'm not sure it really matters.

    Savox SC0251MG metal gears:

    Traxxas 2072X metal gears:

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    Go with REEF's servo's, they are awesome. I have seen reviews on them saying there servo's are probably the best on the market. I have one in my TRX blazer and it is very strong and quite. Look them up, you wont be disapointed.

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    I would go with the Savox gears. I've never used the 2075x gears , but the Savox gears are half the price. I've never stripped any of the savox gears in my 2075 Servos.

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    I have a 2075X servo from my TRX-4, and it is much slower than the 2075 with plastic gears (louder too). It doesn't give out much power either, so it is best to change out the whole servo.
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