Hey Team,

The antenna broke on my carís receiver. I soldered the coaxial back with the original tip, though it is very short. I worry about range being lost and was looking into a new radio. Iím not sure what Traxxas charges for a new oem 3 channel vs other vendors.

I also didnít want to open it to find out it wasnít just a simple replacement and void any warranties (although Traxxas backs their electronics, I donít think my case would be covered).

Is it as simple as open the receiver and a plug and play antenna install?

Any recommendations on brands, instructions?

Would my truck take a TQi with the extra channels without upgrading to LiPo?

I know that was a lot. Yíall are a great heíll.

Thanks and Keep Rolliní,


Traxxas Stampede XL-5 w/ Stock Electronics and Transmitter.