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    Mounting plates needed for 3.3 Nitro Sport?

    So, after over 10 years of use, my mounting plates for my pro .15 (got that stupid thing running again , all of its problems were being caused by a bad fuel tank spring and exhaust header) are rather worn, one of the screw holes are stripped, etc. My question is, do I need the old mounting plates when I upgrade to a 3.3 engine? I just ordered #4400 but it hasn't arrived yet, and if I need the mounts I would like to get them as soon as possible.The 2 brackets shown in the picture are what I am talking about in this. Thanks a lot.

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    Hope this helps you.
    Traxxas part #4400 upgrade kit:
    Part #4400 instructions:

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    Please excuse me for a simple question. But is it possible to make such plates on a 3D printer?

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