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    Chronic bendy shaft.

    Hey guys,

    Just wondering if anybody found a fix/solution or upgrade to the center driveshaft bending from big jumps. Iím going through many and itís annoying.

    Iíve tried the center driveshaft block to no avail, still gets bent, though not as bad. Still enough to bind up the drivetrain.

    Now the caveat is.....I am not running stock, so I know this will happen because of that.

    I want to try and find a solution and beef up the drive train in general. If anybody has any ideas that would be great.

    What Iím working with:

    Max 5 esc
    800 kv motor
    30/35 gearing (pinion/spur) -no cushdrive
    Center diff stock
    Front & rear diff 100,000 wt.
    Proline Badlands

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    Accepting requests for bashing at GREENWOOD BASHPLEX in Pittsburgh PA!! Check the thread in the track buddy forum and reply there or pm
    I ran stock, with light batteries but beat the living snot out of it 25' high crashes, never bent the stock one in 2+ years. Do you run high capacity batteries? Maybe the weight plus the extra power is distorting the chassis enough to bend it. Sounds like a chassis brace may be in order.

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    I don't have a X Maxx but I ran across a company called B&M RC Racing that makes something that has the driveshaft go through it that looks like it stiffens the chassis. Sold through

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    Possible something else is broken? Front bulkhead? Rear bulkhead? Worn out bearings? I’m running the same setup and I did bend one but it was justified. Lol.

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