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    A factory rock racer cage similar to the UDR cage?

    So some of you may have come across my build using a vg racing roll cage.

    It’s fun and all but the fact that it is made of I think steel means it’s very top heavy. I have to be so careful turning and it’s weight really shows in the air.

    I recently built a udr from parts and I love the idea of the plastic cage that keeps dirt and stuff out with Lexan panels and the plastic driver mockup cover. Will Traxxas consider making a plastic rock racer cage similar to the axial yeti or lasernut but mounts to existing shock towers or mounts like the vg cage? The stampede 4x4 bumpers are perfect as is....basically the cage will do something like what people like squeegie has done, but a more factory option to compete with the rock racer type 1/10 cars out there
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