My vxl2200kv motor failed and while I wait on its replacement from traxxas I decided to throw in a 2450kv TP Power 4040 motor.

Without charging my batteries from storage level, I go out to see what she's got. 47mph near 20v loaded. Math says the KV is 2500 which is within margin of error. Peaked 51k rpm thereabouts. With the 2200kv motor and same 12/50 gearing it could hit 46mph fully charged, so I'm expecting around stock 51mph speeds.

Batteries fully charged and ready to rock.

Rip her down the street and notice it only hits 47mph. But this can't be? Did another rip and noticed the battery at 23v even under load is only hitting 51.2k rpm. Math says that's 2200kv.

So I want to see unloaded speed. Lift the truck up and slowly accelerate to full throttle. 51.2k rpm again, but this time at 24.3v. Math says it's now 2100kv.

The most rpm I've seen is 51.4k rpm while recording. Looked down at my max values though while not recording and it said 51mph and 92 amps (was reading 87-90 amps max before).

Now my speed is just gearing based, so that would mean my max rpm hit 55k. Must have been under a good load near the rpm limit and then lost traction and the esc couldn't curtail the rpm quick enough.

Ultimately, I have a truck that will go 47mph on a full battery and maintain 46mph right before 1st stage lvc. I don't know if I like it though. lol. I intentionally geared the stock motor down cause I don't need all the speed and wanted to bash it for longer, but I'm more upset about the esc not letting me do something than the actual performance which is exactly what I want. Heck, consistency isn't a bad thing.

Now, this motor runs cooler, draws less current, the esc doesn't heat up as fast, and is a higher kv motor. The magnetics must be much stronger because this thing does not like to rotate, but seems smoother under throttle. Seems to have the same power and can bunny hop just as easily as the 2200kv. And the bearings have absolutely no play in them. I took the motor apart to measure the rotor and the bearing spin effortlessly, rotor is 48mm with 42mm magnets long and 18mm in diameter, but doesn't have the same fibrous covering as the 2200kv vxl rotor which is 19mm in diameter, 44mm long with 39mm magnetics. It must be an efficiency thing why this motor runs cooler and with 8% less current for the same wheel speed (6% more current than the 2200kv on same gearing(geared stock it hits 100amps and 87amps with 12/50 gearing)