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    E-Revo 2.0 broke on first session

    Just got back into the hobby after 5 or so years off. Ordered a 2.0 and Xmaxx. Just got both on Monday

    Ran the 2.0 yesterday for about 25 minutes and had a worries, it's expected

    Car did great but came down awkward from a mild jump of about 6ft high.

    Wheel flopped over. The pivot ball pulled out of the lower control arm and threads were stripped on the Lower arm.

    Filled with CA gel glue and hopefully that holds for a while.

    Ordered RPM control arms for all corners.

    Is there anything better?


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    hey nice cars you got. i believe with hard landings like that you will have damage. its logical. RPM was tons better than stock on revo 1.0, they say the 2.0 are better.

    for the threads i suppose you will have the same issue again on similar situations, people put ca glue from new i guess, dont wait for it to strip the thread again.

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    I've found that the 2.0 arms hold up far better than the v1/nitro revo stock arms. I tried a set of RPM arms on my 2.0 (the 2.0 specific from RPM) and had clearance issues. I asked RPM about it and they blamed my aftermarket rockers, which worked fine with the stock arms. The rockers hit the top of the arm at 3/4 extension. That was on the front. I'm still running stock on the rear.

    Just to make them work, I ended up ordering some other alloy rockers that don't capture both sides and lowered the upper arm pins down to the bottom hole.

    I ended up ordering a full set of OEM 2.0 arms. The only reason I replaced the fronts was because I ripped a pivot ball out and the threads were bad enough it wouldn't hold anymore. So, if I rip them out again, I'll just go back to stock.

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    Ran it hard for a full session and the glue seemed to hold up well.

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    I bought this to fix mine if/when the plastic threads pull out. I have been beating the crop out of my E-Revo 2.0 for a month now and still running the stock arms. Have needed to put the thread inserts into both arms on the front left but that is it.

    These are available in m3 and m4 as well to make it possible to repair almost every threaded hole on the whole vehicle. I only bought the M3 and M5 since that covers all of the screw locations I have experienced issues with.

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