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    Single Servo Conversion

    Hi guys,

    My original servos seem to fade away. Cannot properly center in decent Tim, last couple of degrees in super slomo...

    I am thinking about converting to a single servo with this one:

    The standard version is 90 RC, but there is an 180 version available as well for specific Remote Controls.

    ANY ideas about the latter version?

    Thanxs for your efforts.

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    I went with a traxxas 2250 servo as a single while waiting for traxxas to replace the broken 2075 units. It ran really hot, but had more than enough torque to overcome the servo saver. Because of it running hot I run 2 power hd 20kg servos and they never heat up. My only complaint with them is that they're slow, faster than the 2075 but ultimately want to put on my direct power 14v Reefs triple 7 cause that thing is wicked fast.

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    I'm sure that an aftermarket servo would perform just fine, just make sure you do your research before you buy. I would go for two cheaper aftermarket servos rather than one expensive servo but that's just me.

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