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    Spartan VXL-6S smoked capacitor - next step?

    HI folks - my Spartan smoked yesterday (picture attached from Google Photos).

    I need to find a way to cool the caps in a VXL-6S or upgrade to a better ESC.
    As my boat headed to shore still under good power, it was trailing smoke like a shot-up fighter plane.

    Advice on future choice? Does Traxxas offer a VXL-6S replacement at a lower price if I try the cap cooling path?

    Still I'm bummed.


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    Don't be bummed Todd, you'll get there. You can go two ways. You can go with the VXL-6s and do the Cap Cooling Mod and the Duel Port Rudder Mod; or you can do the Seaking 180 ESC Mod. Here's the link for the Cap Mod.

    The advantage to to staying with the stock ESC is it just plugs right back in without any need to modify your electronics tray. The advantage to the Seaking 180 is it's supposed to be a heavier duty, better rated ESC than the VXL-6s. When my VXL-6s finally pooped out on me (after 8 years with the cap cooling mod) I did the Seaking 180 thing.

    This was last year, and I've been very happy with it. But, to take full advantage from the Seaking 180, I also had to upgrade my motor, drive, and prop. I did posts on all that too (just in case you're ever interested).

    Here's my post on my OSE Seaking 180 mod along with cap pack and cap water cooled heat sinks.

    Here's post on how to dump your Teflon tube to get more speed and better flex cable lubrication.

    Here's my post on how to upgrade your flex cable to a better one without the need of a thicker flex cable from OSE.

    I've done other "How To Posts" too, but these are some of the ones you might be interested in. I'm in the process of doing a new hull, but had to put that project on hold until this winter. To many summer projects. (lol)

    When I get finished with it, though, it will incorporate all the improvements needed for fast, cool, and water tight running on 6s that I've learned over the years.
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