Hello guys as y'all know I've been working on my Tmaxx. It started as a 2.5 then after too much money I thought I was done.....then came the issues with the clutch bell, the tranny, and the diff's. I've been breaking axles so I figured I'd upgrade to steel cvds.....

I bought a 3.3 chassis that had transmission, diff's, axles, and driveshafts along with all suspension parts. Now this is probably going to sound dumb and shows just how much of a newb I still am. I have all RPM parts on my 2.5 along with many aluminum and titanium upgrades so I took the tranny, driveshafts, and added new 3.3 aluminum diffs. Then went to put in the steel cvds and I learn that the 2.5 is narrower than the 3.3. So I put all the suspension arms on the 2.5 from the 3.3 thinking that would solve my problem.....it didn't. I can't get the bulkheads to go back together, it looks and feels like the cvds are to long to fit. I've tried loosening the balls in the axle carriers but that only helped a little. The axles I bought are for a Tmaxx 3.3 from traxxas.

Can someone please help? I have included pictures of my issues.

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