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    New lipo drains fast

    I have a Traxxas slash 4x4, all standard equipment. Recently upgraded to a 2s 5000mah lipo battery. Brought battery home and balanced charged it and had a great first time. 20 min + run time. Recharged and ran again and I was lucky to get 5 mins out of it. Have tried probably 6 more times and same thing. 5 min or less run time. Lvd is active and battery has been checked by local hobby store and all great. Thought it might have been esc so recalibrated it but no success. I also balance charge each time. Just at a loss of ideas.

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    Seems like a lvd issues in the esc. But assuming you have the Traxxas brushless esc, its not adjustable. Does your charger show you the voltage of your battery? Or do you have a way to check it? See what the voltage is when its fully charged, and when its depleted. Should be 8.4v fresh off the charger, and 6.6 to 7 after lvd kicks in (around there, not sure what traxxas has thiers set to).

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