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Thread: Pivot Ball Size

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    Pivot Ball Size

    Hi guys I am sorry if this has been covered before but I searched and couldn't find it. Does anyone know what size the Pivot balls are in the axle carriers/knuckles of a 3.3 Tmaxx. I recently bought a 3.3 rolling chassis but the pivot ball on one side lower has been stripped..... how I can't figure out but I was looking to replace them with some Lunsford Titanium pivot balls but I don't know what size they are.

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    Iím not sure of the size but can you get the pivot ball out? If so maybe you can use an pen ended wrench to measure it or at least get you close...I donít know. Just guessing.

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    Vernier calipers. Great tool for RC. You can get digital ones for $30, or you can get old school ones for around $10 I think. Might also try emailing Lunsford and asking.

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