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    Setup sheet for 1:10 Fiesta

    Hello guys,
    this is my first post here. I'm Valerio form Italy and I own a VR46 1:10 Fiesta. Apart the fun for my daughters and me, as an engineer, I'm fascinated about all the technical concepts behind an rc car. To help me experimenting new setups, tires, and some accessories (sway bars for example), I prepard a blank setup sheet in pdf. If anyone interested, I can share here with the permission of administrators.
    I'd like also to know (don't rember anymore) the original (stock) ammo position and spacers (F and R).
    Thank you.

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    Hi Valerio,
    Welcome to the forum!
    Here is the manual for the Ford Fiesta.

    on page 24, they have the original tuning specifications and on page 25 they have gearing options.
    You might get more help on the sub-forum for the Ford Fiesta here:

    Good luck!

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