I'm trying to get telemetry to work on my Hoss. At one point I had the double green arrows at the top of the screen and was getting voltage and temp data. Now I can't get the arrows to show up and I'm getting no data except for the inclinometer. Does this mean the ESC is not talking to the receiver? Is there a way to reset things and start over? I don't have any sensors attached. My second question is do you need extra sensors to get the Speed and/or rpm data. Seems to me that the ESC should know the motor rpm.

I got the 6520 rpm sensor and ring gear magnet but haven't even hooked it up as I discovered that the magnet holder doesn't fit on the Hoss center diff. I also got the expander and gps module but then found out there is no mounting bracket to fit it to the Hoss yet. I guess I will have to fabricobble some kind of mount for that.