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    Tyre sizes in the Link App to allow custom wheels/tyres combos

    It dawned on me that there must a Traxxas wheel listed the app that's close to my new tyres. This made me think someone must have done a list.
    If they have, I can't find it.

    So, I thought I'd start my own.
    This should be a list of all the wheels in the Link App, I've not even heard of some of them, plus I need to get all the sizes still. Lots of Googling to do! Tyre diameter is before the name, if there is a question mark next to it, it needs checking.

    If you know any, please shout up and I'll update the list, or if this already exists, stick a link up!


    1.9" Gymkhana Slick
    4" Monster
    Alias 2.2"
    Alias 2.8"
    Anaconda 2.8"
    65mm? - BFGoodrich 1/16 Rally
    BFGoodrich Desert Racing Baja T/A KR3
    65mm? - BFGoodrich Rally
    Canyon AT
    98mm - Canyon AT 2.2"
    118mm - Canyon Trail 1.9"
    Maxx 2.8"
    160mm? - Maxx 6.3"
    Maxx All-Terrain 2.8"
    MAXX AT 7770X
    Maxx Chevron 3.8"
    Pro-Trax On-Road
    Propeller, 33mm
    Propeller, 42x59mm
    Response 1.9" Touring
    Response Pro 3.8"
    Short Course (BFG, Kumho, Slash)
    Short Course, S1 Compound (BFG, Kumho, Slash)
    Slash All-Terrain 1.6"
    Stampede 5.3"
    83mm - Talon 2.0"
    Talon 2.8"
    Talon 3.8"
    162mm? - Talon EXT 2.8
    Talon Extreme
    Terra Groove dual profile
    X0-1 Slick

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    In my rigs, at this moment, I use the stock tires.

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