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    On the move charging

    Does anyone have a good idea how to best charge Traxxa's id batteries when you are out on the track without 220v?
    Without getting a lot of converters 12-220v.

    Has anyone bothered to hack the original Traxxas Dual EZ Peak Plus and feed it with 12v
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    Best way is get a good DC/DC charger. Or charger that does both ac and dc as power input. Get a adapter for the iD plug to Ballance ports. Then charge up using your 1:1 vehicle battery or a stand alone 12v battery.

    I took my icharger 406dou dc/dc charger. Made a DC power supply for it. Stuffed it all into carry a case. I can swap between using ac charging. Or use my 1:1 truck battery to charge in feild.

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