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    A turn for the better...

    The first 2 weeks of my HOSS were not great. Several broken parts and a couple days sitting. Now with new parts in, drive assist off, and less throttle over jumps, seems the HOSS has started to react well. I also think a lot has to do with changing over to ProLine Badland MX tires. They feel more responsive and give the truck the extra flex it was lacking. Spent a solid hour jumping and running high speeds.

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    Glad you’re having fun now!
    Creativity is intelligence having fun. -Einstein

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    Im happy you got it figured out for sure. I got the set of mx28 hp tires and have been fighting problems from axles to servos and too much heat.. No good for the 2wd slash

    Hopefully your problems are resolved. They'll probably arise again at some point. But you've found a way to keep it together for a longer period of time.

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