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    Need Suggestions

    Hi Everyone,

    I am new to Traxxas Community. Actually I am here for a recommendation.

    My younger brother a big fan of RC cars. He is 18 years old. He currently owns a Bezgar car, I don't know the model tho

    I want to surprise him this November on his birthday. Please help me choosing the best model for him.

    Thanks in advance

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    It really depends on what he is into, the three models you have linked are really different, offering very different driving experiences.
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    Stampede 2WD VXL. Price isnít bad and truck is loads of fun, easy to work on.
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    What about a 2WD Slash? Itís in the same price range, and is very versitile.

    It can be easily made into just about any type of rig... short course, monster, street, speed, no-prep drag, or whatever he wants.

    Itís a great base rig to start with.

    Have fun and welcome to the Traxxas forums!

    Canít really go wrong with any of your picks...
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    I have a slash 2wd and in my opinion its only good for low grass and small rocks/gravel. And the like. Tar, cement, other low resistance surfaces.

    I decided to go with the monster look and i love how it is now. It helped with driving in deeper, more rugged terrain. But i do have a hard time with my drive line.. The big heavy tires are hard on the 2wd system and 3500kv motor. At least on 3s it is. I also use mx28 hps which are probably among the heaviest tire you can use.

    After owning the truck for about 5 months or so, the only thing i would change is the 2wd... If hes going to bash in grass over 3 inches or snow, or any thing that has a high resistance surface, id recommend 4x4. Probably not a slash either...

    I personally like the looks of the rustler 4x4. The HOSS seems to have a lot of common problems out of the box, so id keep THAT in mind for sure..

    It really depends on how hes gonna drive it amd what hes going to be driving in. In my opinion as far as 2wd and 4wd goes, If hes gonna be driving on tar and packed dirt and gravel, 2wd. If hes gonna want to beat on it over rocks and through grass and mud, 4wd all day.

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    Hmmmm, they are all very different cars, especially the 4 Tec 2.0 (Ford GT). It's pretty darn small compared to the others, but it is 4wd.
    Here is a picture of the 4 Tec chassis compared to the Slash 4x4:

    I would suggest getting an off-road to start with. It's not that the 4 Tec 2.0 is bad, but the chassis is very low to the ground, so unless he has a flat place to drive it, it wouldn't be the best all-round RC car (rough parking lots will not work, since it is less than a centimeter off the ground). The chassis of the 4 Tec is well balanced, and it corners great though.

    If you are planning on getting him an off-road, I you can't go wrong with any of Traxxas's 2wd line of cars (Slash, Bandit, Rustler, Stampede). If looking for a 4wd, any of Traxxas's 4x4 lineup is pretty good (Slash, Stampede, Rustler, 1/10 Rally), though they are more expensive than the 2wd. If you want a 4wd for less, I would take a look at Traxxas's 1/16th scale lineup of cars (Mini E-Revo, Mini Slash 4x4, Mini Summit). The 1/16 scales will be considerably smaller though, so keep that in mind.

    For me, I started out with a Slash 2wd, thought it was a bit too lively at first. Then I got 4wds from then on (around 4 of them) for their stability. However, I still actually prefer the 2wd, because it's more nimble in tight spaces, and very maneuverable (more steering angle, and can drift around corners better, and is pretty darty).

    The 4x4 is much more stable (more beginner friendly in terms of driving, but there are more parts to maintain). While you can get it to slide around, it just isn't as lively as a 2wd.

    Here's a comparison pic between my Slash 2wd and Slash 4x4:

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    Personally, I think the 2WD Stampede is a very versatile platform; it would be a great intro into hobby grade R/Cs (as would the Rustler, I just prefer the monster truck aesthetic).
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