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    How many of you guys run 3s and what's the biggest physical size you can fit in the side compartments?

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    I just started running 3S after months of being perfectly happy with 2S. Still fine with 2S, but...
    I did buy some off brand ones that didn't fit, and that was a bummer. Went with GensAce 1400mAh 3S and they fit perfect. All my LiPos are the same brand and I have been very happy with them.

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    I tried for over 2 years to find the largest 3s battery for my MERV. The math says 2200mah is completely possible and I even found several that were long discontinued/out of stock. I finally gave up and settled on the SMC 1500mah but I was too late and they dropped it like a week before I decided to get it. Fed up I bought a 1500mah 35C Venom 3s that was on Amazon but has since also been discontinued but still pops up once in awhile with other sellers. Actual size L 3.5"(90mm) x W 1.4"(34.5mm) x H 0.7"(19mm).

    Actual battery bay size. L 105mm x W 35mm x H 22mm but the full height is only 90mm long.
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