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    ESC amps and performance

    How do total amps, volts and @amps relate to speed of a car? I have 3 esc Sidewinder and these 2. I have a 1515 motor in a 1/8 car. Also what does sensored mean?

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    I am probably not qualified to answer your other questions, but when a motor is sensored, the ESC monitors where the rotor is in its spin and allows for a smoother start (no cogging).

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    Quote Originally Posted by zx10 View Post
    How do total amps, volts and @amps relate to speed of a car? I have 3 esc Sidewinder and these 2. I have a 1515 motor in a 1/8 car...
    A quick summary: The more Amps and/or the more Volts an ESC can handle the bigger the motor and/or the more aggressive you can gear which can give you more speed.

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    From the 2 ESC's on the picture, definitely take the SC8. Was running SC8 with 1512 motor without ANY temp issues..
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    Watts is the measure of power. Watts is volts times amps. You need both to achieve a large number of watts.

    For example, static electricity is generally in the range of 20,000 to 25,000 volts, but such a tiny amount of amps that it equates to a very tiny amount of watts. That is why all you feel is a tiny jolt.

    On the flip side, most lipo batteries, along with other batteries such as lead-acid car batteries, operate at a fairly low voltage but are capable of considerable amp output. That is how they achieve a large number of watts.

    When it comes down to an ESC's ability to handle power, it's generally limited by it's ability to handle amps, because amps are what tends to generate heat. That is why you see them rated based on amps. But that by itself doesn't determine how many watts your motor will see.

    Consider someone using a 2s LiPo with fairly high gearing compared to someone using a 3s LiPo with moderate gearing. You might have the same amount of watts going to the motor, but the 2s setup would require more amps. Your Battery will need to be able to supply those amps and your ESC will need to be able to handle those amps. The 3s setup, because of the higher voltage, would be able to supply the same amount of watts to the motor using fewer amps.

    That is why, generally speaking, it's better to go up to a higher voltage LiPo if you want more speed instead of simply gearing up with a lower-voltage LiPo. You'll be able to achieve a larger number of watts without hitting the amp limit of your ESC or your battery.
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