Hey everyone, I'm extremely new to the RC Hobby (beyond Tyco toys as a kid). I picked up this Emaxx (I think it's a 3903??) a few years ago at an auction and just recently got it going. I promptly crashed it and broke multiple parts, replaced parts, broke more stuff, replaced, broke.... you get the picture. Part of my issues were my lack of knowledge. However, most of my issues came from poor previous ownership and I simply didn't know things were installed wrong until it was too late.

Anyway, the steering is extremely slow and not very strong. If you turn left or right using the controller, the steering doesn't have enough power to turn the wheels unless the vehicle is in motion. Also, It turns left in a MUCH tighter circle than turning right. Would that be caused by the weak steering servo's or is there some sort of setting to adjust?

So here's my questions:
  1. What steering servo's are recommended for an E-Maxx? These are simply too weak.
  2. What do I need to do to go Brushless and is there a recommended motor to switch to?

Current Mods I've done:
  • RPM Blue Control arms
  • RPM Axle Carriers
  • RPM Bulkheads
  • RPM Shock Towers
  • RC Raven Black Anodized Aluminum Bottom Braces
  • RC Raven Silver Dual Rate Shock Springs
  • Traxxas Big Bore Shocks (About to oil that came with them to 50wt)
  • 5153R Axle Cups
  • 5143A & 5141A Toe Links
  • RPM Bulkhead braces (ordered)
  • RPM True Track (Ordered)

List of Mods it came with:
  • Fubata Controller
  • Fubata R603FF Receiver
  • Fubata FP-S148 Steering Servo's
  • Traxxas EVX-2 Speed Controller (I'm guessing it's an aftermarket upgrade??)
  • Metal Cage that fits under the body
  • 5451R Axles