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    Jato aluminum upgrades?

    Hey everyone!

    I got an already partially modified jato for 200$. Aluminum front arms, rpm rear arms and bumper, aftermarket drive shafts and wheelie bar and a couple other small things.

    Runs great, all telemetry included, just has a small air leak which I'm thinking is coming from the carb. But anyhow,

    I was after some aluminum frame pieces. Mainly the lower bulkhead and top chassis plate? I found aluminum everything else but those and the gear boxes. Anyone know where I can find these?

    Also, what motors are drop in compatible with the jato 3.3? Any small block?


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    Don't know much about the alum parts for the jato,

    I use the OS 21tm in my Revo, and was gonna throw it in my Jato for S&Gs before I sold it, but it's gone. It's a great motor and would do awesome in the Jato with no mods needed. Its pricey but worth every penny! Lookup vids online of Jatos with the OS 21tm in them, they absolutely haul.


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