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Thread: Power switch

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    Power switch

    What’s everyone’s thoughts on eliminating the power switch?
    I’m running a first generation mamba x, so it’s about 5 years old and has been in many different vehicles in its life. It still works perfectly except the little rubber cover on the switch is torn.
    The other day my truck slipped off a rock and was submerged.
    Afterwards I started having problems with the esc randomly restarting. Today I opened up the receiver box and everything is dry. My opinion is the switch is shorting out. So do I replace it or eliminate it?
    Now it’s dried out everything works as should. Also whenever I shut it off I always disconnect the battery.

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    It is a common mod, just solder the wires together. Recommend getting some marine heat shrink to cover the solder joint; there is a slim chance that water could get into the wire and wick its way back to the electronics, marine heat shrink prevents that from happening.

    Also, by removing the power switch you are reinforcing the habit of unplugging the pack from the ESC when your truck is not in use.
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    Removing the power switch may be good, especially after years of being worn and abused, but a power switch is pretty handy, like when I want to quickly fix something quickly. Sometimes I grab the body, only realizing that the battery is unplugged, so I have to struggle to try to plug it with one hand or put the body down.
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