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    E Revo Vxl ride height question

    Is there a way to make the ride height on my e revo vxl higher? It seems like it will chassis slap when I land jumps due to the suspension being to soft and the ride height being a little low. Any recommendations on what springs are good and a good weight shock oil to use. I bought the truck used and for the most part I'm happy with it. The guy I got it from was more clueless than I am. It came with brand new proline badlands and proline wheels (not sure which ones), rpm arms all around and some other upgrades as well. It does need a little TLC but nothing major. Came rtr for under 300.One last question is, would a damaged battery cause the esc to go into low voltage mode? I got rid of the bad batteries and ordered some new ones.
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    It's supposed to chassis slap quite a bit. If you set it up so tall and stiff that it doesn't, you end up snapping off rocker posts, breaking rockers, breaking rod ends and snapping shock pistons in half. Also, with a higher ride height, it puts more strain on the rod ends on the rockers, the pivot ball area on the axle carriers and the cv joints due to the angle it runs at more.

    You can make it a bit stiffer, just keep in mind that it needs to hit the ground if your a jumper.

    This is my current setup with mine:
    70w AE VDK #3 front
    50w AE #2 standard rear
    RCRaven Springs

    I had VDK #2/60wt on the rear, but after busting the pistons for the 3rd time, I replaced them with normal #2 pistons and dropped the oil weight a bit. I air mine out a lot. If/when the front pistons snap (again, on the second set now), I'll drop to 60wt and #2's in the front as well.

    A bad/weak pack will definitely cause your esc to go into LVC. LVC is controlled by total voltage. If you have a good/fresh pack and one older/weak pack, the weaker pack will dip in voltage more which drops the overall voltage more. I always run the same "sets" of packs in my dual pack trucks so they wear the same. When one of the packs becomes troublesome, I get rid of it, then label the other one for single use only in my 3S trucks.

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