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    Weird (?) 2056 servo size issue.

    So my kid recently asked to get the cars out; it had been at least 3 years since they'd had packs through them. We've been having a blast. "This is fun," he said.

    And then we had a crash* and our Rusty broke in two (!). It's fine, I have an extended chassis project from before that I never put together, so we're working on that now.

    I was going to take the opportunity to upgrade the steering servo from the stock 2056 to a sweet HiTec that I have, 7955TG, but they're different sizes. The 2056 is about 3mm longer and fits the Rusty top plate mounting blocks perfectly, but the HiTec mounting hole spacing is too short.

    I verified the HiTec against it's drawing, and also checked that spacing against a drawing for the Savox 1258TG that I have seen as a recommended as a replacement for the 2056/2075.

    Aren't these all supposed to be the same size? If it matters, our Rusty stuff is at least 8 years old.

    Thanks in advance!

    *Head on vs. our ThunderTiger MT4, both near full speed, on the road. Ouch! Clearly we're out of practice. (MT4 unscathed)

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    Of the different brands I have tried, they all differ slightly in their size. Usually the mounting holes are the same...but sometimes you need to adjust the chassis in order for it to fit...and there were a few times I needed to adjust a shock tower for a servo to fit under a shock tower (P2de). Good luck, don't be afraid to make adjustments to the parts as they need it UNLESS you are trying to keep the RC as pristine as you can.

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    The eco power servo i put on my slash when my stock one burnt out was just too small. I could still use the same holes in the chassis and the hardware from the original one, but it was like maybe a half of a millimeter too short in length. But it works great. Ive been using it with monster tires for a couple months now at least and it hasnt moved or anything.

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