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    Body wraps/options?

    Hey all. Sorry for all of the posts lately but I'm a noob when it comes to the revo world. I'm thinking about getting one of the proline brute bodies for my revo vxl and I really don't want to paint it. 1) because it would already be white and according to proline it can't be painted. And 2) i just don't have the time to put in to painting it. It's not that I can't paint it because I have come up with some awesome paint jobs for my slash. So,to get to the point, does anyone have any thoughts on the brute body? And, does anyone know of a website that I can order a body wrap for said brute body? Any ideas are welcome.
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    We have been running the Brute Bash Body for almost 2 straight yrs with no cracks or issues.
    Paint doesn't stick and I've tryed dying and that didn't work either, wraps or dips unless you buy the clear and paint it yourself.
    You can check out Darkside Studio's or Ebay has lots of Hydro dipping options.
    Just keep in mind that none of these options will last long bashing as they are installed on the outside where the body skids and takes a beating.

    Good luck, post what you ended up with.

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