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Thread: Why Hoss Why

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    Why Hoss Why

    This is just a stampede
    Only difference is the chassis and motor so why not something bigger or better yet why not a nitro maxx instead of this

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    By your logic I guess a Rustler 4x4 is a Stampede also?

    Common platform shares common parts. That's actually a good thing, not a bad thing.

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    Only when the price does not reflect that.

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    So what?! That’s common among a number of R/C manufacturers besides Traxxas as well as a large number of full scale platforms.
    The Chrysler sedan I daily shares a bunch of chassis parts with not only Dodges and Jeep’s, but also Hyundai and Mitsubishi sedans and crossovers as well the uses the same engine and transmission that was used in the Caravan, Town and Country, Journey, and is still used in the Ram Promaster now that it those are all discontinued.

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    The Hoss is a lot better than the Stampede. I have both, the Hoss is pretty good, the Stampede kinda sucks actually. They fixed (almost) everything wrong with the Stampede in the Hoss.

    Durable body, wheelie bar that doesn't flop all the time, arms, driveshafts, motor, longer wheelbase, fixed position motor screw, center diff, steel spur, good tires...

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