Hey folks, wondering if anyone else is having similar trouble with their revo.

Been bashing the revo all summer and it's been a blast. We set up jumps at our local abandoned MX track!

But sometimes a hard landing, or more usually a cartwheel leaves my rear wheel(s) toe'd out pretty badly. The adjustable linkage that controls the rear toe has the metal rod shoved into the ball ends all the way. Luckily, it doesn't strip them and pull them apart, but it strips them and pushes them together.

I can unscrew the plastic ball ends and reinstall them at a proper setting, but it only takes a couple weird landings and my rear wheels are severely toe'd out, making it drive awful.

Nothing else breaks too. You guys got any smart ways to fix this? I thought about putting material inside the plastic ball ends before threading in the linkage, as to physically prevent it from getting shoved in, but seems like a mediocre solution at best....
All stock suspension parts too, btw.

Thanks in advance.