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    Monster Jam Remote Control

    My son's remote control is damaged ( the trigger fell out), so we need a new remote control for it. We already threw it away. Anybody help with where to find one?

    Thanks, Yukon

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    The Traxxas Monster Jam series comes with the remote linked below, though I would probably see if you could find it on amazon for cheaper as it is almost $60.

    To bind it to your receiver you need to follow the following steps.

    1. Unscrew the receiver housing to reveal the 2.4GHz Traxxas receiver (on vehicle)
    2. Press and hold the set button on your remote as you switch it on.
    3. Press and hold the set button on your receiver as you turn it on (on vehicle)
    4. Both the transmitter's (remote) and receiver's (car) LEDs should blink red
    5. Once the transmitter and the receiver pair together the LEDs will turn solid green

    Be sure when reinstalling the receiver housing that the rubber seal band is set in place to ensure that your receiver box stays waterproof.

    Here is a video showing you how this is done.
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    You can go to your local hobbyshop, most of them should carry a few transmitters and receivers. There's actually a lot of options. If you want the same transmitter, you can just rebind the receiver to the new transmitter. If you want something better, you can get a Futaba, Sanwa, or Spektrum transmitters (there are probably more brands out there). Keep in mind that if you get a non-Traxxas transmitter, you may also need another receiver.

    You can also find them online such as Amazon or eBay. If you want the same exact remote as before, I suggest searching on eBay, since many chopshops sell them cheaper since they are removed from new models.
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    This might help you. It shows the different Traxxas controllers that will work with the different Traxxas receivers. You can find one fairly cheap from Ebay or "chopshop" as RCWilly suggested.


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