So after running my X-maxx around a bit yesterday I noticed a few times where for a second or two it didn't react to my turns. I brought the Xmaxx back and did some tests without throttle, with and without the wheels being on the ground. Apparently every so often for 2-5 seconds, the servo will go to the center and not take commands. No sounds, no nothing then it'll kick back in and move easily and smoothly at my direction. Ive had Servo horns strip and this doesn't feel like that. Not a single sound or movement from the servo for 2-5 then normal again.

I have the upgraded servo and an aluminum horn. everything else is stock. It was suggested i take off the horn and see if i can reproduce, also i could plug back in my original servo to see if it happens with it.

Just looking for suggestions from the hive mind of experience here before i do anything.