So I was bored and decided to build a sleeper that is also functional basher. That means all electronics are bolted down instead of relying on adhesive tape, and parts are picked for function rather than bling so no metal arms or bulkheads and such.

Upon first glance it looks like a regular brushed Fiesta ST with mediocre spec with a little bit different tires

But itís not quite stock

It never made sense to me why ďrallyĒ cars are so bad at keeping debris out, so I used what I know about my last Rally VXL and got the v2 of the scorched rc inner fenders which is vastly improved over the original version. A little trimming later it fits like a glove

Some of the non-factory installed bits:
Scorched RC inner fender 2.0
MIP x duty driveshaft for Telluride/Rally ST front and rear
Traxxas aluminum carriers and caster block, motor mount
Traxxas 8760 center diff
Traxxas GTR with VG racing springs
Traxxas Slash ultimate sway bars
XO1 diffs front and rear
VG racing brace
Mamba monster 2 esc with xt-90 connector. I chose it over the MMX because it mounts to the factory chassis with no modification using the xo-1 esc bracket
UDR 2200 kv motor
Savox 1258tg servo
Proline street fighters tires
Full adjustable turnbuckle/camber link swap
Batteries I use for this are the SMC graphene v2(pink label) 5200mah 4s packs

One part Iím waiting on is the rpm a arms for Fiesta ST that no one other than factory has in stock so may have to order it directly.

Overall it drives as one would expect, lots of power, wheelie is moderated by the center diff, and the sway bars along with the tires allows the car to slide rather than roll even with full ride height.

Anyway, since rally cars are kinda out of fashion I hoped people give it a shot again.

Thanks for reading!