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    Question Castle Motor in a Rally - guidance needed

    Hey everybody!
    I'm new to this forum but am not new to the world of rc cars. I have had a Rally VXL for a few years now and absolutely love the thing, although it's top speed of 50 mph is starting to feel slow... and I want to go faster. Quite frankly I have never changed my Veileron motor or ESC from the car but think that I am ready to shell out for a castle motor and ESC (either the 1415, 1512 or 1515) and try to retrofit it into my car. I've made the measurements and have moved the receiver box and have determined that I can fit any of these motors along with a Mamba Monster X esc or VXL 4s speed control.


    1. Which motor would you recommend?

    2. Which esc do you recommend?

    3. Would you recommend a 4s lipo to go along with it (too powerful??)

    4. How do I connect the castle motor to my chassis (will I need to fabricate my own custom part)?

    Thanks for your help!

    - RCDude

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    I have a opinion on questions 3 and 4.

    For #3, I would say that a Mamba monster X on 3s is already plenty powerful for a slash. I think a 4s battery would be too much

    For #4, you need to buy a upgraded aluminum motor plate and motor mount to mount the motor. For the Mamba monster X esc, rpm make an esc cage that bolts directly into the chassis

    Also, keep in mind you will have to buy upgraded driveshafts (MIP or Tekno) a center driveshaft (Probably tekno), a upgraded slipper clutch or center diff. (Traxxas Hoss center diff or heavy duty slipper clutch upgrade kit), and lastly you might have to buy XO-1diffs depending on the power.

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